Laurel Freeland, Social Ecologist, Facilitator

As principal consultant I have brought together my professional facilitation skills and broad experience in managing and educating for sustainability to help business, government and community achieve their sustainability, climate readiness and resilience goals.

My former work was with multinationals as a facilitator, coach and project manager of transformative leadership and values based organisational change, interspersed with writing and delivering public and community training. After a pivotal experience 10 years ago I committed to learning about climate change, resilience and sustainability. I am now bringing my experience from both these worlds to develop and deliver programs that bring about social and ecological change. I work both independently and collaboratively with an exceptional team of associates on a range of life enhancing projects.

The work we offer:
Facilitation, Training, Coaching, Course Design, Research, Project Management, Resources
 We help organisations and communities to build a culture of sustainability
 We work with the values people believe are important and link them to universal values of sustainability to provide a strong foundation for action
 We work with the people side of renewable energy, resource and energy efficiency, waste reduction, climate change readiness, food security and community resilience
 We help develop new stories and mindsets that enable sustainability transformation